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Last comments


01134199891 or +911134199891

Bharat * commented 2019-11-21
I am very interested in who gave my number to these spammers?


01143310224 or +911143310224

Sudha * commented 2019-11-21
Calls from unknown numbers are never accepted by me.


01213890862 or +911213890862

Sonu * commented 2019-11-21
It seems that the call was only for me to call back


01413679622 or +911413679622

Roshan * commented 2019-11-21
Strange, why call to hang up later?


01463630175 or +911463630175

Ajay * commented 2019-11-21
Who needed to call me all day today?


09955073456 or +919955073456

Sagar yadav commented 2019-11-21
I want His details


02262354792 or +912262354792

PSR commented 2019-11-21
From this number sum caller named Aarti - Narendra speak with me rudely and harassment me for other one contact details.


07003863403 or +917003863403

AJ commented 2019-11-21
This is a fraud groups number, they says they help in providing dating services, they will take some mon5in name of registration and further ask more, when you will deny for money, they will deny for further process and your money taken in name of registration will also be gone. Be aware of these number.


08335046878 or +918335046878

Elle commented 2019-11-21
This phone was used by Mary Grace De Leon. As of middle of this year, she has unpaid loan from HDFC in Kolkata


07749817606 or +917749817606

chinte commented 2019-11-21
Details of these no